Traveling Into the Psyche of a Smoker

My uncle is currently 37 years old, and he has been a smoker since the age of 15.  I recently interviewed him to figure out what made him start smoking. This question had been nagging at my mind ever since I saw his first puff.

Lucas: How did you start smoking?

Uncle: I was playing soccer in Brazil with older men. They smoked and they offered it to me. I then tried smoking in order to fit in.

As I was listening to him, I realized how common this scenario is. Just like adult smokers were peer pressured to start smoking when they were kids, kids today are in the same predicament. Those that are starting to use e-cigarettes are beginning a life long addiction to the silent killer that is nicotine.

Lucas: Why do you keep smoking if you know it’s bad for your health?

Uncle: It relieves the stress on my life. Also, in my heart I know I should stop,but I'm addicted.

Most smokers have the mindset that they know they should quit , but they can’t due to their addiction. They are so addicted that they convince themselves that they don’t want to quit. This is because nicotine changes your brain.

           Lucas: Would you ever consider trying other alternatives like nicotine patches?

           Uncle: I already tried an alternative, and I don’t have the desire to stop smoking. I would rather buy cigarettes than food.

Smokers are so addicted to smoking and the nicotine it contains that they don’t even care about their health. All they think about is the pleasure and ecstasy they feel after smoking. People start smoking for the wrong reasons and then find themselves addicted to nicotine, beginning to face the hard battle that is quitting smoking. Everyone! STOP BEFORE YOU START!

Lucas StevensonComment