Don’t Get FUULed by JUUL

An eye opening review of a part of the Juul hearing held on July 24 and 25, 2019.

“The Iroquois 7 generation philosophy which states “that in every decision leaders must consider our descendants 7 generations into the future.” It’s time for us to consider our youth and our generations into the future. “

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Dr. Justine HenaoComment
Vaping-Attention To Prevention

Veronica was diagnosed with COPD in 2016 and is fighting a daily battle with this disease. “Before this disease struck, I enjoyed activities as most do. Hiking, cooking, writing, running, and spending time in nature, were my favorite past times.” She created her blog, COPD Journeys, to leave her thoughts behind for her family, to offer help to others living with COPD, to bring awareness to COPD, and to bring inner piece to herself by expressing her thoughts. Thank you Veronica for your wonderful work and giving us an insight into your daily battle.

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