Attention To prevention Curriculum

Click button below for vaping/e-cigarettes use, it’s harmful effects, and prevention strategies curriculum in power point for high school and middle school students. Topics include addiction, nicotine drug effects, the teen brain, harmful chemicals found in e-juice, detrimental effects of e-cigarettes on the body, unknown effects of exposing the teen body to multiple inhaled toxic chemicals, and tactics used by the tobacco-e-cigarette industry.

We used the Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit as reference to create this curriculum and adapted some of the ideas in the toolkit. Thank you to Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher for creating such a complete and educational toolkit that is a great resource for teens, and for educators working with teens.

Link to Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit is at the bottom of the page.


Ambassador train the trainer toolkit coming soon

A shortened version of the curriculum in 4 fun and engaging modules. Ambassadors are to pick 1 module every 9 weeks of the school year and create a mini marketing campaign to make it uncool to use e-cigarettes


Attention to prevention laboratory

Laboratory for high school and middle school science classes coming soon.


Tobacco facts, advocacy, policy, and petitions


Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

click on logo to be directed to their webpage and Toolkit