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Welcome to our cause. We are the Borrego brothers, Juan D. Borrego and Marco A. Borrego. Vaping-Attention To Prevention is a non profit organization bringing awareness and improving public health. We have no paid employees and 100% of all donations and proceeds of any sales made by this organization are used to fund awareness campaigns, research, and legislation concerning vaping and juul use. It is our mission is to educate and prevent future use of e-cigarrettes in teenagers. Vaping and juul use is an incredibly important future public health issue. We do not know the long term harmful effects of these products. Teenagers, specifically, are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of these products because teens are undergoing brain and body development. Use of these products and exposure to its carcinogenic chemicals during growth and development could cause detrimental effects on a teens cell lines, genes, organs and addictive behaviors. We as an advanced society should not be willfully advertising and supplying these products to teenagers.

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